Tanrevel ramps up with Prime Penguin

The fast-growing brand Tanrevel uses Prime Penguin to serve its European customers. Tanrevel has multiple warehouses across Europe and uses Prime Penguin to connect and control the whole logistics flow.

Tanrevel was founded in 2018 and is currently experiencing strong growth and increased order volume across the whole of Europe. Tanrevel’s main product is a Steam-based machine that gives a smooth & natural tan with only vegan ingredients.

“We are experiencing a fantastic growth at several markets at the moment and Prime Penguin really makes sense for us in order to enable, put together and maximize our European logistics operations”. says Alexander Fahlberg, Head of Logistics, Tanrevel


Australian Hightail Hair connects to 3PL in Sweden

We welcome our first Australia eshop to Prime Penguin. The company (Hightailhair) is establishing a satellite warehouse in Sweden in order to serve all its European customers.

The set-up will both lower their shipping costs and reduce their delivery time as well as their environmental footprint. By using Prime Penguin platform they also cut their IT costs and can overview all their warehouse activities in real-time.

Co-Founder Jen about the start of Hightail:

“After a beautiful ride on vacation, I went to get ready for dinner and discovered my bun had fallen out, and in its place were thousands of tiny tangles. After brushing and brushing, my frustration and hunger rising and rising, I had no choice but to jump in the cold shower to fix my hair. Jon navigated the ‘hairy’ situation well, but neither of us wanted to ever repeat it. Within months we had made our first, hand-sewn prototype, and our Hightail adventure was underway.”

Check out their products here


Babyviking outsource all logistics with Prime Penguin

There have been a lot of things going on in Prime Penguin lately. The ongoing pandemic has boomed the e-commerce market, and so also the demand for e-commerce logistics solutions, why we gladly have been very busy.

From time to time we highlight e-commerce businesses here on Prime Penguin. This time we want to put some light on Babyviking whose idea is to sell a portable bottle warmer for babies. The bottle is suitable when being on a plane, in a park, on the road, etc.

Check out their products: https://www.babyviking.se/


Quicktest outsource all logistics to Prime Penguin

Picture from Quicktest.

In a period where hospitals are risking to be overcrowded and where people are recommended to stay home, we are especially glad to announce our latest e-shop – Quicktest. The company sells all different kinds of tests for finding out potential disorders (such as borrelia, thyroid gland, liver, iron deficiency and much more). The fast-growing company has sold an impressive amount of tests already (some tests have reached over 50.000 sold units). The IVD (In-vitro Diagnostic) tests are delivered for free directly home to your mailbox which makes it easy, convenient and affordable for you.

“Quicktest tests are designed for home use, that will not only give people security, they will also save lives – and we are proud of that” – Mattias Hultberg, Founder of Quicktest

Quicktest outsources all its logistics to the Prime Penguin network. As the customer base grows into more continents so do also the demand for having multiple warehouses. Prime Penguin is happy to grow with the company and looking forward to an exciting journey in the coming years together.

You can find out and read more about the tests here.


Royal Straps choose Prime Penguin

We are happy to announce that Royal Straps outsource all its logistics to one of Prime Penguin’s Swedish partners.

Royal Straps sell watch straps and nato straps to an affordable price tag. The company was founded in 2015 by Mathias after a long genuine interest in high-quality watches. 

“What started with the hunt for the world’s best field watch for money has evolved into an online store with an exciting assortment of nato straps and watch straps for attractive prices” -Mathias founder of Royal Straps

All the logistics were until March 2020 managed by Mathias from his home. But an increasing number of orders made it not sustainable to manage it in-house any longer. He then contacted Prime Penguin in order to start the outsourcing process and procured his logistics need online at www.primepenguin.com/procurement

Do you want to upgrade your watch with a new strap? 

Go to Royalstraps.se and order your first strap today.


Norway’s most popular rock band choose one of Prime Penguin’s partners

We are happy to announce that one of Norway’s most popular rock band – Hellbillies, choose one of Prime Penguin’s Norwegian partners for all their e-commerce logistics. 

The group from Ål in Hallingdal has released ten studio albums and four concert and one compilation albums and most have sold for gold or platinum. This year, Hellbillies celebrates 30 years as a band, which is marked by an anniversary tour.

In conjunction with this tour, the group decided to give the fans an opportunity to buy anniversary products (on their recently open e-shop). The logistics have been outsourced to Prime Penguin and is managed by one of Prime Penguins partners in Norway, G-tex. G-tex has a long experience within logistics and textile products and thanks to the Prime Penguin platform the group can now follow their entire logistics, even if they are on the road to the next concert.

Are you a fan of Hellbillies? Go to Hellbillies and order your products today. 


Bite & Bone choose Prime Penguin

The fashionable and high-quality dog accessory brand Bite & Bone choose Prime Penguin for all their domestic and international logistics. 

The idea comes from the Swedish business-minded dog lover and entrepreneur Frida Carlsson, whose vision was to change the way dog owners relate to collars and leashes. From her own experience, she knew that one’s dogs are family and they deserve to be treated like it, therefore she decided to create pieces that are thought of as accessories and not a trivial must-have.

Frida Carlsson used her experience, knowledge, and passion to create high quality, fashionable and stylish dog collar and leashes. Bite & Bone targets the urban dog owner and markets the brand in a provocative way that stands out from an otherwise predictable and left behind industry.

Bite & Bone´s products are available exclusively at biteandbone.com and comes initially in three different colors. The goal is to increase the range of colors in the collection very soon, but also to offer new designs. This because you should want to treat your four-legged friend with not only one but a couple of stylish collars and leashes of the highest quality to suit
all occasions. Because every occasion is worth dressing up for and for your dog, this is the only accessory that matters according to Frida Carlsson.

See all products and shop today at biteandbone.com


Marwida choose digital logistics

The environmentally friendly and stylish swimwear brand Marwida, choose Prime Penguin for all its international logistics.

Marwida is the result of two Swedish creative’s love for the ocean, the Mediterranean lifestyle, and design. Anders Carleö and John Magnér combine their experience, knowledge and passion to create high end, fashionable and sustainable swimwear inspired by, as well as sourced and produced in, the Mediterranean region, containing only upcycled materials, much of it saved from the Mediterranean Sea.

Marwida swimwear will be available on marwida.com and soon at a limited number of discerning retailers. The swimwear will come in three different patterns, four versatile colors and in five sizes. Instead of traditional collections, favorites will stay on and new styles will be added organically to minimize production volumes, climate footprint and to create a long-term collection of favorites.


GLAS choose Prime Penguin

We are happy to announce that GLAS choose Prime Penguin for all their e-commerce logistics. GLAS is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand of handmade reading glasses made of environmentally friendly materials.

Glasses have traditionally been unnecessarily expansive, because of many intermediaries. To ensure high quality and at the same time keep prices down, GLAS directly work with their factories and sell all their products without any intermediary. Stylish and high-quality glasses therefore no longer have to mean a high price.

At GLAS you will find everything from stylish models, with quality metal arches, to elegant and slightly more characteristic glasses with arches made of durable plastic. The bows are produced without chemicals or harmful additives and the material is biodegradable and thus fully recyclable. This makes our arches durable for you, your wallet and the environment.

Which pair will be your favorite?


Kemikalieklok teams up with Prime Penguin

Prime Penguin is proud to announce that the non-toxic and zero waste e-shop, Kemikalieklok, chooses Prime Penguin for full logistics outsourcing and digital control.

We think Prime Penguin and Kemikalieklok is a match made in heaven as Kemikaliklok works for a more sustainable environment through education and for selling non-toxic products to people (so people can avoid chemicals that have a direct negative effect on our bodies), and Prime Penguin reduces the CO2 pollution by offering satellite warehouses with shorter freights – Together, will our companies make this world just a little better for everyone.

Photo from Kemikalieklok

Check it out and order your non-toxic products here