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The situation

More than 40 billion eCommerce transactions are being made each year, a number that is expected to continuously grow in the upcoming years. Naturally, an increased activity within eCommerce will intrinsically contribute to the global rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

These emissions are a result of many processes within eCommerce businesses’ supply chains, but can mainly be traced to manufacturing on the one hand, and delivery on the other. Harmful fuel, long delivery distances, and non-recyclable materials are all contributing factors to the amount of pollution that any given e-commerce business is responsible for.

Prime Penguin Sustainability

Our contribution

Prime Penguin’s cloud-based platform enables eCommerce businesses to locate and set up multiple “satellite” warehouses worldwide. Having located and established warehouses in optimized geographical locations in terms of demand and supply, the e-shops can log into our platform and receive a dynamic overview of said warehouses.

With access to such data, you and your eCommerce business can automatize the process of selecting the right destination for each order to be fulfilled in a way that remains environmentally friendly. Intrinsically, this will decrease your total amount of CO2 pollution. It is our firm belief that automized and digitized supply chains that rely heavily on data collected through advanced WMS and digital interfaces are better adapted for a green commercial future.

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